Dreams, Why?!

Have you ever had the same kind of dream over and over again? It’s not the details of the dream, but the overall concept might be the same; and you might have wondered why this in particular?!

When we wake up, me and my husband usually share the dreams we’ve had, be it a good dream or even a nightmare. That’s how I did today too. My dream would be like I’d be in school, wouldn’t have prepared for the tests or wouldn’t even know what the test was supposed to be; or I’d have taken the test and failed terribly. This would terrify me like hell.

The situation might be different but this is the only dream I repeatedly have related to life. I mean I do have other dreams like nightmares, ghost dreams or any other related to the movie I might have watched depending on how much impact it had on me. We were talking about this, why I dream of same thing over and over again and I realized two things.

1. Too much pressure.
    The school I studied focused too much on marks and if I don’t score much my life and career would be over. That’s how it was though it makes no sense now!🤣

2. My difficult childhood
    I had a financially very difficult childhood and most of my teenage years were traumatic. Over time, I slowly learned to ignore the problems I faced as a family. It’s not like I don’t care. I would just not take it to my heart. I learned to face anything that was thrown at, from a third person’s perspective. I don’t know if it was good or bad but it seemed much easier than worrying. I did it for so many years, that it became the way I handle everything. I care and ignore enough to not worry at the same time. That might be the reason why things doesn’t impact me enough to dream about it; as they say dreams are windows of the subconscious. Or that’s what I think.

Dreams are so fascinating and intriguing don’t you think? 🙂 A good dream can really make us fresh that morning and the bad dreams, the opposite. It has so much impact on us emotionally. What are the things that you dream about regularly? 🙂 Let me know in the comments 💙

9 thoughts on “Dreams, Why?!”

  1. I’ve spent a couple days thinking about recurrent scenes in my dreams as they turn to nightmares… being on an amusement park ride that twists & folds and I get trapped in a fold that’s too narrow for me; walking on a wooden walkway over mud; getting on some sort of ride with someone from my distant past. I rarely remember anything beyond those details.

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      1. Surely… but I don’t know why those specific elements. Better than the years I spent repeatedky dreaming about ocean + pool + shower + rain. Always all 4 elements… it was weird!!

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  2. Dreams can be a good thing to pull apart and analyse.
    -As a teenage I had the ‘stuck in a mud unable to run’ dream.
    – Then there were the ones about being chased by guys dressed in black with machine guns….
    My mum says a baby in a dream means someone you close to you is about to give some good news.

    The not so good ones….(going by Indian culture)
    – witnessing yours or a close friends wedding
    – being taken away to another room by a loved one who has deceased.

    These signify death (so says folklore). Can dreams be a warning? Who knows.

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    1. Oh I didn’t know about the wedding ones can be a bad sign… I’ve had dreams like losing people close to me, even family. Those are the worst! Thanks for stopping by and sharing 😊


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