Movie review: The Platform

Genre: Thriller
Language: Spanish
My rating: 4/5

I was looking for a different kind of movie and this one grabbed my attention. The trailer was totally intriguing and thus my movie night began.

The movie starts as Goreng wakes up in his cell at level 48. The Hole is a vertical prison with many levels and two inmates per level. There is only one food platform in the center which descends from the top level and each level has only two minutes to feed from the platform. There is enough delicious and extravagant foods for all the hundreds of levels, only if the inmates at the top eat their fair share; which they don’t. The inmates on the lower levels, hence completely starves and what they do to survive is truly shocking and gruesome.

If everyone eat only what they needed, the food will reach the lowest levels.
                                  – Imoguiri

The movie as a whole will surely keep the viewers on edge. The screenplay is good and the acting is sound. Though there are scenes of violence and gory stuffs, you cannot stop watching once you start. Though the climax felt like it was left a bit hanging, I felt it was artistic. It’s surely worth watching­čĹŹ

Book Review : The Name of the Wind

Genre : Fantasy
Author : Patrick Rothfuss
Sequel/Prequel : Book 1 of the Kingkiller Chronicles

The story starts as Kvothe, the lead character, lives concealing his true identity as an innkeeper far away from where he spent his childhood. As any fantasy story, this too has demons, magics, wizards and what-not. One day, a chronicler (one who writes biographies of famous personalities) visits the inn, happens to find out about Kvothe’s true identity. He begins to script his life story as Kvothe narrates himself. That’s how the story starts.

Kvothe and his family travels a group from place to place, performing music and songs. They are of Edema-Ruh, a very popular and respected group of the performing arts. Kvothe’s parents were working on a song on the Chandrian, an evil, the people don’t even dare talk about. This leads to the killing of the entire family and Kvothe some how escapes. He then lives his life on the streets, with no money nor food and shelter. But one thing he is determined about is finding out who killed his family and getting revenge. He also wants to join the University of Arcanum, (a great school that teaches all kinds of magic) to which he developed a great interest in his early days of childhood.

The story goes like how he survived on the streets, how he managed to get into the University and excels at magic.

The author grips the readers with his intelligent writing; it’s really hard not to love the story and get involved. I did not want to give any spoilers on the book, so I’ve tried my best to be vague. But if you love fantasy like I do, then the synopsis at the back cover itself will fascinate you. This is a must read! See you lovelies again with the review of book 2, The Wise Man’s Fear.