Bewildering Beauty (Discover Prompts 7: Below)

The sky until the horizon,

The stars and the worlds beyond,

The rain and the summer sun,

The earth beneath my two feet;

Fascinating, bewildering, mysteriously

Beautiful, this mother nature is!

About the picture: It was taken in Yercaud, a small but beautiful hill station in South India. The hotel that we stayed in had this beautiful glass bridge, with great memorable views of the surrounding nature!

Bridging the long distances (Discover Prompts 5: Dish)

I live far away from my family in the Mideast and we miss each other lesser by doing video calls and sharing things in our group chat. We share pictures if we go to new places, on special days, when cooking something special or simply if we are bored.😊💙 It’s our way of coping. Now for the Discover Prompts for today, I thought why not share the pictures of dishes that I and my family cooked.

1. This is my recipe of Hot Wings

2. This is my sister’s Honey Chilli Potato

3. This is my mom’s Roasted chicken

4. This is my cousin’s Fried Fish

5. This is my version of Cauliflower Manchurian

And finally for the dessert, my sister’s homemade cake.😍

I chose a very few pictures from the hundreds of pictures that I got. I don’t delete them coz it’s a great feeling and fun to browse the gallery and remembering. It’s a feeling of connecting. 😊

What’s your way of bridging the long distances and what’s the special dish that you cooked recently? 😊💕