Bridging the long distances (Discover Prompts 5: Dish)

I live far away from my family in the Mideast and we miss each other lesser by doing video calls and sharing things in our group chat. We share pictures if we go to new places, on special days, when cooking something special or simply if we are bored.😊💙 It’s our way of coping. Now for the Discover Prompts for today, I thought why not share the pictures of dishes that I and my family cooked.

1. This is my recipe of Hot Wings

2. This is my sister’s Honey Chilli Potato

3. This is my mom’s Roasted chicken

4. This is my cousin’s Fried Fish

5. This is my version of Cauliflower Manchurian

And finally for the dessert, my sister’s homemade cake.😍

I chose a very few pictures from the hundreds of pictures that I got. I don’t delete them coz it’s a great feeling and fun to browse the gallery and remembering. It’s a feeling of connecting. 😊

What’s your way of bridging the long distances and what’s the special dish that you cooked recently? 😊💕

18 thoughts on “Bridging the long distances (Discover Prompts 5: Dish)”

  1. Oh yum!! And that’s such a nice way to stay in touch!

    My family lives far anyway… we stay in touch with FaceTime, games on the phone and calling ❤️

    Miss them though – always!

    Last special meal I made? Well I made chicken last night but my favorite meal to make is American Chop Suey – Oh my god! Soooo yummy … that is like just my favorite meal of all…

    It’s yummy and my mom used to make when we were little ❤️ It’s my favorite… and cheap to make

    It’s a New England dish… no one in California knows it!! But if you are from New England they all have versions of it

    Oh my god! I think I want that lol ❤️

    My mother always called it American chop Suey – but I have heard it called other things. Soo yummy ❤️

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    1. Aww that’s so sweet, connecting with games. It’s such a small thing but means a lot isn’t it?😊
      I’ve had American chop suey once in a restaurant and loved it!👍
      Thanks for stopping by and sharing 😊❤️

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      1. No not beefaroni and NOT cheesy Mac… completely different…

        Is meat, onions, green peppers, tomatoes, tomato sauce, and seasonings … is unique… only New England

        My mother always made it, but every family makes it differently – of course my mothers is the best.

        I believe it’s also called Poverty meal? It makes alot and fills you up and is wicked yummy!!!

        Nothing like beefaroni or chili mac

        When I worked at golf course I was telling my boss about it who ran the restaurant – he thought same thing until I made some and he really liked it – he had never heard of or tasted before

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      2. Yeah there are some foods I am like that with also, I understand

        Is one of MY comfort foods, my mom always made it… was my favorite thing she made … when I have it now just is like a warm hug 🤗 lol from my mom ❤️✌️

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      3. Well I used to watch her cook… she never wrote down her recipes – but I watched her so often that I memorized them.

        And if I love the way a dish tastes … and I watch you make that dish – I can replicate it and then write it down

        I memorized many of her recipes – I wrote them down now cause I’m aging and ya know … I don’t wanna forget, and my kids can have them someday.

        My girlfriend makes this amazing Oh my god! Pot roast … so she made for me once – oh I just fell in love – then I begged her to let me watch her lol … now I know how to do it – I wrote that one down too lol

        I just have to watch… my mother in law is a dump cook… where you just quickly throw stuff in… but some of her stuff was the bomb!! So I would watch her – watch exactly what she did … go home try it … sometimes I had to play around with the amounts with hers … but once I had them right… I wrote all those down too.

        It is nice to have my mother’s recipes ❤️ it is very comforting!

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      4. I know how that is… I am the family record keeper lol… so I have all the genealogy stuff… and collect stories when I can… some I have lost now and no more stories – I had so much more I wanted to hear and know. Not recipe relate but along the same lines

        You just don’t think to ask? Life happens … And then it’s too late.

        Now I try to ask everything if I think of it lol ✌️

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