When my sleep hates me๐Ÿ˜’

Last night, I couldn’t sleep much because of various reasons and I thought I’ll write about it how it affected me today.

Ever noticed how our brains get all excited and too active only when we try to sleep? I couldn’t sleep much, so I was watching Netflix on my phone until way past midnight and slept off close to morning. So obviously it was too difficult to wake up, but I did anyway. Because of this lockdown thing, my husband is working from home and I’ve got my chores.

The whole morning, I did spend in a zombified state, not knowing or caring what’s happening around me. My bed was singing to me like a sweet siren but I had to cook lunch. It’s a mystery why I decided to cook something too complicated instead of choosing something simple. I must have had a brain freeze!

I cooked chicken curry and stir fried chicken with rice and was proud about it coz it looked really good. My husband tasted it and his face was, well, it looked surprised, a little shocked and even like it was in pain. I did not understand why but I kept on eating.

I knew something was wrong right away but I couldn’t pin point what’s wrong with the food. After a moment he asked, “why is it too salty for me?” Even then it took me few moments to realize how much I screwed it up after spending about 2 hours in the kitchen. I was that deep in sleep!

The rest of the day, I tried watching Netflix, with the characters blurring in and out constantly. Had some coffee or tea, I don’t remember. Even dozed off a few times while writing this post.

I was hoping for a nap after lunch but I spoiled it myself coz I felt too bad for spoiling the food. Anyways, I realized how sleep deprivation could affect even the smallest of things the next day and how important it is to disconnect from devices at night and get a good night’s sleep.

10 thoughts on “When my sleep hates me๐Ÿ˜’”

  1. It’s a catch-22 situation. I normally go to sleep when I am just about dropping off, as they way I won’t be staring at the ceiling or watching a film on my phone…or some YouTube video. Are you a good sleeper normally?

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    1. Yeah, but sometimes this happens.. sometimes I’m just too active to sleep. I’d start watching some TV until I doze off and sometimes it may take only few minutes and sometimes hours…

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