How to beat the unbeatable stress?

Stress. If you are a human, you definitely would have experienced stress at some point in life. Very few people have overcome it gracefully and I salute them. Because I know it’s a long process and a difficult one.

As for me, I’m not an exception. I stress even more for stressing about the things I’m not able to handle because a part of me acts like the devil, if you know what I mean!🀣

So, here are few things that I’ve tried over the course of a couple of years, that actually worked. (Talking about our worries to our loved ones is the most helpful option, obviously.😊)

1. Sketching, painting or anything involving colors. I actually love drawing things, black and white or colors. Even if it’s not good, even if it looks like I’ve drawn with my left foot, it’s actually soothing. It’s not the finished work but the actual process of it that helps. Here’s one of those sketches that I did.

2. Grow a plant. I’ve considered gardening but it requires space, time and hardwork. I live in an apartment so I cannot afford the space. Instead I bought few flowering plants and it was so good to see the flowers bloom over the days. Here’s one that I got…

There are so many ways to beat the stress atleast momentarily, I believe; it just depends on what we love to do and actually having the patience to do it. These are couple of things I’ve done and in the future posts I’ll write more about it. Most importantly what I’ve learned is, the change can’t happen overnight because it’s a process. We need to live in the moment a little more and stop worrying about the future a little less.

7 thoughts on “How to beat the unbeatable stress?”

  1. Beautiful sketch. While stress comes in many forms and is caused by various factors, a visual is a good way to deal with it. I’ve often drawn up mind maps just to understand source of the stress and what my options are. But each to their own, key is to talk to someone who will give you a practical and unbiased view.

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  2. Well, drawing is a better option than growing plants , and that was a nice sketch.
    One of the best way of getting relief from stress is sleep( only if you can🀣🀣) sleep gives a boost of relaxing hormone and more ATP count after a sleep.

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