Decisions, decisions…

Hello world! Ever came across a point in life, where you desperately want to do something new? Well, I’m there right now and guess what I decided to do? Blogging! I’m not even close to a writer of any sorts but I’ve heard blogging is a great hobby. So why don’t I try?😊

Now that I’ve officially started a blog, next comes the big question. ‘What am I writing?’ My posts in the future might include reviews of the books I’ve read, pictures of the few sketches I did, new foods I’d try cooking; in simple words, all things a girl does to kill the boredom. Wish me luck!

16 thoughts on “Decisions, decisions…”

  1. All the very best Priya 🌹🌹
    I started about a year back and wasn’t much of a writer, though am a thinker 😊
    But my writing skills have improved.

    One unasked for advice : Never do any thing to kill the time. Do what you love doing, what you are passionate about.
    Happy Blogging 😊

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  2. Look’s like you are a reader & interested in literature and narrations, well I am a science student and created my website for thinkers and conceptualist, however I am also a conceptualist and I have written some great ideas for science so that I won’t forget those but I also post whatever someone uploads in my website as a new idea , so you can try uploading your post if you have any new idea… Like someone uploaded “Earth whisperer” you liked that the credit goes to one who has uploaded it ( oceans from Uganda),. ☺️ You should also try uploading one
    ( )
    Thanks for leaving a like

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